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Jean Daniel Granruaz, aka Jeanruaz,born in August 1977 in Bolzano, Italy.
Grew up in La Villa, a small village in the far north east of Italy in the heart of the remote, mountainous Ladin territory. As a child, listening to music was part of his daily life. At the age of 8, he discovered his singing talent and from that point onwards a great passion for vocal expression and songs was born. Aged 15, he started to play the guitar – as the instrument that best accompanied his voice – and soon decided to become a musician. Initial exposure to jazz and classical music in South Tyrol. Attended the Taller de Músics in Barcelona. 2002, studied jazz in Argentina. Deep exposure to the Latin American experience and a combination of pop and ethnic sounds — inspiring the mixing of styles and an eclectic approach to music. Studied guitar under Bebo Ferra at the jazz institute at the Accademia del Suonno in Milan. Here he met his creative partners and bandmates Loris and Francesco Dallago. Writes songs in Ladin*, English and Italian, or a combination (A Safe Place). Sounds from the Ladin language, often considered Portuguese-like, are used (Perde) to create little muddles with the taste of samba or bossa nova.

*An old alpine Rhaeto-Romance language spoken by about 60,000 people, mainly in the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy.